Advice to the Youth of Spain: Go West

The Spanish youth unemployment rate has reached an unfathomable 55%. Since the political elite that runs Spain is intent on looting the country until it collapses in chaos, an inevitable outcome of a huge mass of restless young men with no future, instead of creating the conditions necessary to grow the economy (leave the EU and emulate Hong Kong under the Cowperthwaite administration) the youth of Spain should emigrate. As Spanish speakers, they have all of Latin America readily accessible.

Highly educated, unemployed youth in Spain possess the type of skills that are in high demand in the growing economies of Latin America. This is especially the case in Chile, where the government has a program to assist immigrant entrepreneurs. I have little doubt that if one were to put boots on the ground in Latin America, opportunities will be readily apparent. If you are seeking ideas, take a look at the following resources:


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