Antigua Strikes Back at the US

Three cheers for Antigua for striking back at the US. Antigua was a large host of internet gambling sites that grew to become an important part its economy. Congressmen in the back pockets of the US casino industry banned US citizens from engaging in internet gambling a few years ago. Such are the real world effects of corruption as Antigua suffered from the loss of the US market. Antigua filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization (WTO) which it won, and thus received authorization to achieve compensation by a limited violation of US copyrights. Now Antigua is prepared to take action.

While I certainly do not support an organization such as the WTO, I do support Antigua’s decision to back its citizens.

This brings to mind a question I have had for some time. Why has a nation such as Venezuela not set itself up as the go to place to violate all US copyrights? The Venezuelan government has made its contempt for the US well known, so it should be eager for a chance to spit in the eye of uncle Sam. Such a scheme would also be a boost to the flagging Venezuelan economy.

There are many countries that would love to stick it to the US, so why this has not happened is a mystery.

Here is a link to an article about the issue.


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