From TechCrunch: D-Wave CEO Vern Brownell On Quantum Computing And Tackling Tech’s Big Problems

Not a lot of details here, but we do learn that D-Wave is interested in connecting their quantum computer to the cloud. They claim to have done this on a limited basis when Google was running tests before purchasing a D-Wave quantum computer. If D-Wave is able to show that its quantum computer can solve problems that classical computers cannot or cannot in a reasonable amount of time, then due to the expense of installing, operating, and maintaining a quantum computer, demand for access via the cloud should be substantial.

Of course, this suggests an obvious business idea. Also, translating algorithms into code for D-Wave’s quantum computer will not be easy and will spark demand for consulting services. I also suspect that it will be difficult to find programmers who can do this type of work, so those who are in high school or entering college with a desire to become programmers should keep an close eye on D-Wave. Early birds will reap large worms.

Note that the article can be found here.

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