Links: 20121016

  • We are on the road to serfdom – Herr Schlichter warns that economic conditions in the US and Europe will continue to deteriorate. “So here is the future as I see it: Central banks are now committed to printing unlimited amounts of fiat money to artificially prop up various asset prices forever and maintain illusions of stability. Governments will use their legislative and regulatory power to make sure that your bank, your insurance company and your pension fund keep funding the state, and will make it difficult for you to disengage from these institutions. Taxes will rise on trend, and it will be more and more difficult to keep your savings in cash or move them abroad.”
  • Austrian Economics Goes Mainstream – Congratulations to Detlev Schlichter for winning the getAbstract 2012 International Book Award with Paper Money Collapse. Hopefully such publicity will help to introduce more people to Austrian School economics and the concept of sound money.
  • Gore’s green money machine – An excellent example of government corruption at the highest levels.
  • Death Tax Humor
  • Okay, Grandma’, It’s Your Turn in the Pokey – A good article about the prison-industrial complex in the US. “… a criminal justice system dependent on an increasing number of lawbreakers to pay salaries and benefits.”
  • The real reasons we don’t have Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) yet– “The real reasons we don’t have AGI yet, I believe, have nothing to do with Popperian philosophy, and everything to do with:The weakness of current computer hardware (rapidly being remedied via exponential technological growth!)
    The relatively minimal funding allocated to AGI research (which, I agree with Deutsch, should be distinguished from “narrow AI” research on highly purpose-specific AI systems like IBM’s Jeopardy!-playing AI or Google’s self-driving cars).
    The integration bottleneck: the difficulty of integrating multiple complex components together to make a complex dynamical software system, in cases where the behavior of the integrated system depends sensitively on every one of the components.”
  • Book Review: Low Cholesterol Leads to an Early Death – ‘The “high cholesterol is bad for your health” myth has survived for five or six decades. The myth is why health-care practitioners, media advertisements and family and friends keep pressing home the message we should lower our cholesterol. The myth is why, despite mounting scientific evidence showing the opposite, we are still advised to lower our cholesterol. The myth is why we are told we should eat tasteless, manufactured low-fat products to lower our cholesterol. The myth is why millions of healthy people are subjected to statins drugs (and their many side effects) that will lower our cholesterol.’
  • Tiwanaku – “The prehistoric city of Tiwanaku is located on the southern shore of the famous Lake Titicaca along the border between Bolivia and Peru. During the heyday of this city was between A.D. 500 and 950, religious artifacts from the city spread across the southern Andes, but when the conquering Inka arrived in the mid-fifteenth century, the site had been mysteriously abandoned for half a millennium.”


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