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  • Bitcoin Venture Capitalist Roger Ver’s Journey to Anarchism – The founder of Bitcoin tells his life story.
  • The Revival of American Manufacturing: An Update – “American manufacturing is quietly enjoying a revival on some levels.”
  • Clothing for All: The Slow, but Relentless Revolution – “It is hardly surprising that one of the freest sectors also happens to one in which prices are constantly falling in service of the consumer, with ever more options for regular people. Clothing is an example of mass manufacturing in service of the masses, and the data reveal just this.”
  • Some personal thoughts on surviving the monetary meltdown – Sound advice from Delev Schlichter. “By holding gold you remove your wealth to a considerable degree from the rigged game of artificially inflated and openly manipulated financial markets. You commit internal capital flight from the fiat money system, and you simultaneously bet on the further debasement of paper money.”
  • Two Cheers for Spain’s Anti-Tax “Carrot Rebellion” – Theater owner sells carrots to his shows, gives away tickets for free, to avoid a new tax on tickets. Very clever.
  • Retiring Ron Paul to make his case for liberty on college campuses next year – “The young people don’t like the debt they are inheriting, the violation of their civil liberties. They don’t like the war and it’s a fertile field. The people up here sort of ignore them.” H/T Economic Policy Journal
  • Regime Uncertainty: Some Clarifications – “Regime uncertainty pertains to more than the government’s laws, regulations, and administrative decisions. For one thing, as the saying goes, “personnel is policy.” Two administrations may administer or enforce identical statutes and regulations quite differently. A business-hostile administration such as Franklin D. Roosevelt’s or Barack Obama’s will provoke more apprehension among investors than a business-friendlier administration such as Dwight D. Eisenhower’s or Ronald Reagan’s, even if the underlying “rules of the game” are identical on paper. Similar differences between judiciaries create uncertainties about how the courts will rule on contested laws and government actions.”
  • Brian Wang’s Mundane Singularity – “Technological Singularity and Transhumanism are often criticized because the primary technologies that enable it are Molecular Nanotechnology and greater than human intelligence general AI, which some believe are not possible. Much of the projected benefits of a technological singularity could be achieved even without Molecular Nanotechnology and without greater than human Artificial General Intelligence as the technology triggers.”
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