Obscure Progressive Rock: J. T. Bruce

From Prog Archives:

JT BRUCE is an artist from San Diego, California.

Little is known about him. His website (subjectruin.net) features not only his two albums but also graphic art, short experimental films, and short essays written both by him and collaborators.

JT BRUCE has released two albums: “Anomalous Material” in 2005 and “the Dreamer’s Paradox” in 2006. The music in both is entirely instrumental.

Besides that, his website presents a new musical experiment by the artist called “Psychoacoustic Circus”, which, according to his own words, “is a new side project that will consist of episodic experiments in instrumental composition and audio design.”

The music in his two albums is progressive instrumental metal. Grandiose at times, very modern at others, the sounds go from the atmospheric and cinematic to the fast and furious in no time. We can hear influences of many artists, both from the classical music world, hollywood cinema music, classic rock and progressive rock and metal giants like DREAM THEATER, LIQUID TENSION EXPERIMENT, RUSH, among many others.

Personal website.

Band Camp page.

Most recent release: Vandal of Fortune


I have only listened to Vandal of Fortune. This is an instrumental progressive metal album along the lines of Scale the Summit.

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