Obscure Progressive Rock: Toccata

From Prog Archives:

TOCCATA is a progressive rock band from Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico that began originally with a different line-up in 1996 in the city of San Francisco del Rincon,GTO., with the name Toccata y Fuga and whose members where Alonso Romero (guitar), Alfonso Piña (keyboard), Alberto Lopez (vocals), Mario Rios (drums), and Mario Mireles (bass).

The need to create original music arose from the beginning and the balance was tipped towards the sound and style of progressive rock.

With time, the members of the band began taking different routes and this gave way for new members with distinguishable styles to join and complete their current sound under a new name: TOCCATA. With their debut album, “Circe,” (Mylocd033), released by Chilean label Mylodon Records which is directed by Juan B., they begin to make way in the national and international progressive rock scene; preparing the terrain so as to transcend In this fantastic, exuberant, and wonderful world that is full of great geniuses, as is characteristic of this genre.

Toccata only released one album, Circe, which is a great shame as it is an outstanding album. One can only wonder what could have been.

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