Prog Metal Zone – 2014 Top 50 Albums (In Alphabetical Order)

Well 2014 has pretty much come and gone and, like last year, we found it VERY hard pressed to narrow down our list of the best albums from this year to just 50. Given that a lot of people are new to this genre, they may not be fully aware of the breadth and depth that this music has to offer. Well not only did we have some great albums by some of the most well-known bands around (i.e. Opeth, Threshold, Evergrey) we also had the return of some of our favorite recent bands (i.e. Ne Obliviscaris, Nero Di Marte, Skyharbor) as well as a whole host of amazing lesser known bands. As with last year, this list is in ALPHABETICAL order so please don’t ask us to rank these albums! As with last year, our apologies if your favorite album isn’t here but we think we’ve chosen a great list and hopefully you’ll find some new bands to check out. We’ve also got sound clips via YouTube, Amazon and some of our albums have full streaming from the band’s own BandCamp sites.

Click here for the list.

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