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The Algae That Eats Other Plants

This is the title of a fascinating blog post at New Energy and Fuel. “Until now, it has been understood that only worms, bacteria, and fungi could digest vegetable cellulose and use it as a source of carbon for their … Continue reading

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Links: 20121106

  The Sad History of U.S. Peace Negotiations – “Negotiating for peace to prevent war is not the forte of U.S. governments” Government Targets the (Pet) Breeders – “We are in a deep economic stagnation, yet the government is killing … Continue reading

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Open Cures – Biotechnology Bypassing the FDA

From the Open Cures website, here is their mission statement: “Open Cures is a volunteer initiative, open to everyone willing to help, that aims to speed the advent of biotechnologies that can slow down or repair aspects of the biological … Continue reading

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