Up From Imperialism: How to end the terrorist threat and return to normalcy by Justin Raimondo

Yet what kid of “security” is possible in a world where your neighbor could be harboring an arsenal of IEDs and plotting to machine-gun the upcoming Christmas party? The “war on terrorism” has abolished the very concept of security as it applies to our everyday lives. As long as we are invading the world, we are inviting the world to invade us: it’s as simple as that.

As Garet Garrett, the wise old “isolationist” editorial writer for the Saturday Evening Post, put it in his last book, The American Story:

How, now, thou American, frustrated crusader, do you know where you are?

“Is it security you want? There is no security at the top of the world.

“To thine own self a liberator, to the world an alarming portent, do you know where you are going from here?” 

Where we are going – if we aren’t stopped – is down the road to Caesarism. With every new “crisis” provoked by some terrorist incident, new controls are proposed, advanced, and encoded into law, and both the left and the right cooperate in this process – with the former advancing measures like gun control and the latter demanding tougher surveillance measures and a general crackdown on dissent. Both wings of the political class come together in seeking to expand the scope of our foreign policy of global intervention – the catalyst that unleashed the terrorist incubus in the first place.

How will it all end?

By creating a problem that cannot be solved – the problem of how to deal with a terrorist movement based on the concept of “leaderless resistance” – our leaders have created a perfect pretext to expand their power exponentially. As the cycle of war and repression continues, unchecked, the ultimate result will be the end of the free society and the descent into tyranny that the Founders of this country warned against.

As we watch terror unfold around us, wondering when the next murderous rampage will strike – as we listen to demagogues rail in the public square, mobilizing frustrated masses under the banner of intolerance – people long for a return to normalcy. And the ideologues of permanent war are there to tell us: this is the New Normal.

No, it isn’t. It can’t be. It mustn’t be.

The key to stopping this descent into darkness and restoring our old republic is a radical change in US foreign policy. Our “war on terrorism” – and, further, our presumption that “American leadership” is the solution to most of the world’s problems – is what fuels the engine of war and repression that is destroying everything that makes life worth living: our freedom, our sense of security, and the social bonds that hold us together. Once we rid ourselves of an Empire that has become a millstone hung around our necks, dragging us down into endless wars and the threat of bankruptcy, we can turn things around – but not until then. The dying body of our republican form of government can and must be rescued – but only if we can cure it of the disease of imperialism.

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